Eduardo De Lima Reis

After three years living in Australia, we are happy to say we are Permanent Residents. We know that there are lot of options to get this if it is your wish, however in all of them you have to get the right orientation, and we did. 

At Seek Migration, they tried to understand my history and then create the plan on top of that. Each case is a different case. Also, their questionnaire is complete and fully revised, reducing the risk of mistakes. As a result, we got our visa in 8 months. 

Emmanuel Zara

"I can’t imagine myself being where I am now without the help of Ann and Elaine. It is more than just a stepping stone to get ahead, the exceptional service they provided me allow me to pursue the career field I liked the most. The devotion and eagerness they gave me granted me my visa. I am extremely grateful to you guys. God bless and KUDOS to your team..."

Nena Castro

Thank you Janice for the great news and your great service. I would also like to say I appreciate your understanding especially when the process can be stressful and frustrating at times and thank you for your patience and guidance through this journey.  

Versent Pty Ltd

"Seek Migration has been our exclusive Migration agency over a number of years now - they facilitated Work and Permanent Residency visas for our sponsored employees. 

They are essential to ensuring our compliance with Migration law and so far have delivered 100% success rate for our applications. They are a pleasure to work with."

Louise Chapman

Ann and Elaine, were amazing to deal with, they made it so smooth process going through our de facto visa. From the moment I saw Elaine she was so willing to help me whilst on my working holiday visa providing with and my partner as much information as possible. Their prices are very reasonable and I am happy to say I now have my PR. Thank you for everything you did for us!!!